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Revit: Import mesh file formats for as-build BIM content

Revit: Import mesh file formats for as-build BIM content

Now with the new scan2mesh tool in Recap 360, creating as-build models and BIM content has never been easier and as accurate. When I tried to import a laser scanned curved stair, I was pretty amazed that Revit doesn't support any of the mesh file formats. Not even Autodesk's FBX file format. Right now I have to jump through several loops of 3ds Max and AutoCAD. I know that Revit is not the right tool to create or modify mesh files, but it should be able to read it to use it as BIM content. I think Revit should support at least the FBX file format. STL and maybe OBJ or RCM should also be nice. The time is now.


See here the models:

Complete mesh in Memento:

Stairs in Revit on A360:


Se here the 3D VR panorama's:

See the links below on your phone

Mesh file:

Revit file:

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Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. Unfortunately, this idea did not get the support of the community over the last 6 months and as such we will not be pursuing it at this time. Please feel free to rework (titles and clear descriptions are really important) and resubmit this one down the road.
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I jus read now (June, 2019) Sasha Crotty (Autodesk Community Manager) answer to your question three years ago.

"...this idea did not get the support of the community ..." NO WAY !!!!


Does autodesk still hold to this day that this matter is not important? ! ! !

Do you have any solution for importing STL files into Revit?



Ricardo Taraboulous (Brazil)

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