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Revit Demolish Command - By Sketch

Revit Demolish Command - By Sketch

I would like to be able to use the Demolish command in Sketch Mode.  In doing so, I can select any/all objects or parts of object as well as sketch a polyline around the specific objects to be demolished.  For example, if I have to demolish a specific sketch based opening in a wall, I can just "sketch" the shape and then Revit will demo just that portion of the sketch.  Currently, if you select a wall to demolish, the command shows the entire wall to be demolished.

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I get what you mean with this idea, but i will not vote for the following reason.
In a binary world it would be really difficult for progammers to create a demolished and not demolished state of a element.

Right now elements can be 0 or 1 , yes or no, demolished or not,
meaning that with your idea Revit would have to model elements on itself (like splitting)
(so that one part can get demolished and one can stay).

My way of solving the issue you have is modelling two seperate walls, 
and just seperatly model the part that gets demolished.

This way you can also work arround having a infill element when demolishing a door for example,
and the result should be a empty hole instead of a infill element.

Don't know or this is a verry BIM way of working but it works for me.

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