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Revisions need to be smarter and more automated / database driven

Revisions need to be smarter and more automated / database driven

There have to be easier ways to track and automate the clouding of changes and revisions.  It should be a flexible database that can be by user, by issue, by time period.  Each sheet "issue" should mark its annotative and model components in the background then as these are modified or added the software knows that it was revised.  It could have a revision viewer (call it model / working mode) that would allow color coding of annotation and model elements by sheet issue (revision) in the form of a toggle with custom color options) and it could also cloud these changes on the sheet in some automated offset cloud fashion that could then be edited manually if the appearance of the cloud isn't as desired.  There is no reason sheets could not track the elements that appear on them - so that clouding sheets is less tedious.  To me the current work flow dictates that you make a bunch of changes, then you have to compare manually to the previous issue to cloud them properly - Revit can do more than what it does currently with regard to revisions.


Right now clouding revisions is too tedious as it isn't a smooth workflow - it requires manual comparison to previous sheet

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