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Put the version number on the Revit application icon. Think about the users...

Put the version number on the Revit application icon. Think about the users...

 ... who have 5 versions on their workstations.


 We've customized our icons to add the last two digits of the version number. This helps to tell them apart in the taskbar, desktop shortcuts, etc. (especially since 14-16 were so similar). However, it would be really helpful if we could have the version number appear in the "R" application icon also (in the top left, when Revit's running). This would be helpful when switching back and forth between versions.




See also this related idea:


At least the previous versions were different enough to tell which version it was.


If you are not going to put the version number in the bug at least make the icon differentrevit icons 15-18.png

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Well besides the 2017 and 2018 icon looking exactly the same. Why cannot we have each version its only color? Typically I have a few versions open and would be nice to be able to know what version is what only from its color


There is no association between the icon graphics and the Revit version. They are more or less distinquishable if they sit beside each other, but it is impossible looking at an isolated icon to tell what Revit version it starts.



My idea is: Put the version number in the top-right corner of the icon.


It looks good enough even for the small size icons:



As an option it can be one digit only. Keep the same icon design (the R letter and the background color) for a decade. And put the version number in the top left corner for the sequential year in the decade (i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). Next decade change the icon design and start numbers with 0.



I've just realized that numbers for icons are not acceptable. Because all Revit files in the system will appear with icon displaying the last-installed Revit version, let's say 18. But every file can be done with a various Revit version (i.e. 15) and displaying the number 18 for it will confuse users.


If so we can play with icon graphics only. Here is the proposition:

A year decade (20010, 2020, etc.) starts with a "solid" color icon.



Then we count years with "dots":

RevitIcon1.png RevitIcon2.png RevitIcon3.png RevitIcon4.png RevitIcon5.png RevitIcon6.png RevitIcon7.png RevitIcon8.png RevitIcon9.png

Hope it's easy to guess which number each icon represents.


With the next decade the icon turns to another "solid" color:


And we can start "counting" years again.



A simple request:

Could we have the application icon on new releases stamped with the year so it's easier to identify on our desktop, so we know if that R icon we about to click will start Revit 2017, Revit 2018 or what-have-you?


The same could be said for other Autodesk programs e.g. Navisworks.


And I know I can make my own custom shortcut icons (already do), but if you guys sort it out at your end, then I won't have to hear people complaining at me 🙂

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Just to play devil's advocate, you do realize that they'll then have others complaining about time wasted on "pretty pictures" when there's "real bugs" to fix...  Smiley Happy

There's no code changes needed so dev's time to fix bug wouldn't be affected. The icon is designed by different teams, I'm pretty sure. Implementing this would take them all of 5 minutes every year

Icon design takes a weeee bit longer than 5 minutes (code updates are simple compared to icon design).  Keep in mind we're dealing with perceptions here, reality has a hard time intruding.  Smiley Happy


Not disagreeing, it would be nice.  I'd just like to ensure some user support for when the inevitable "Why did you waste time on that instead of ____" arguments start flying afterwards.  It may be a different department but it's all the same budget.


While I'm not claiming to be a graphic designer, I know that it took me less than 5 minutes to find Revit.ico, edit it (IN PAINT!), and slap a 17 in the top corner. 

It's not going to break the bank for Autodesk to do it properly.

(it's the little things...)


Nailed it!Nailed it!

OK, guys,


You're right. But, since we know Autodesk has to do MUCH more important improvements, right-click the icon, select properties, and choose yourself another icon... It might take you a search on your computer to find where you have any "*.ico" files (will tame me some time, anyway), but you can give the older versions the picture of your granny...? Or your beloved one, with a new pic every year?


 I suggest adding the version number to the Revit Windows icon. With versions being put out so quickly, we have many project in each version of Revit from the past couple years and we do not always upgrade to the latest version. The icons on the Windows taskbar all look the same from Revit 2017, 2018, and 2019. This would cause less confusion in opening projects in the appropriate version of the software.

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I made these a while ago (as you can tell from the years). It wasn't that hard, but it was time consuming with all of the conversions between file types and everything. I can't believe no one's made a simple pack of these to download.Autodesk icons.PNG


Agreed, this should happen OOTB.

In the meantime, we've got a thread over on RFO that can accomplish what you're looking for.

Aaron Maller (TwiceRoadsFool) created icons for 2016, 17, 18 & 19.

I figured out a way to intsall them in this post

It's a long thread and goes off topic in the middle, but read all the way through. It comes back at the end



I really Like this idea! We have multiple versions of ACA, Navis and Revit on our machines. My users sometimes get confused and we have to quickly cancel an upgrade. This would be helpful, but I'm sure mistakes will still happen. 🙂



It would certainly be very helpful - i only have 4 versions of Revit on this PC.


The only work around ATM is to HOVER over the icon for the version to appear, prior to launching the application.



Yes it would be helpfull! Thank you dplump for the alternative it works fine.



This would be useful, or at least change the colour of each 'R' logo. as the small year number may not be clear enough depending on your resolution or where your icon is paced….desktop / start bar etc.

I’ve done what’s mentioned above as have 15 to 19 installed....(15 standard, 16 standad,17 green, 18 red, 19 far!!))


For good management of Revit files in BIM , it would be a great idea

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