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Project browser agility

Project browser agility

It's simple, I propose a project browser like the browser in Windows or Apple.

You can move elements

You can identify elements by different colours

You can create folders and subfolders

You can make elements appear or desapper




Why would you want to be able to do this in Revit?

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When you organise your documentation in Windows, you have to write a parameter in all your folders tu organise them? Al yours folders are the same color? You have to copy a file in other folder if you only need a link?

I think there is a lot of work to do in this sense, the workflow of the browser is not intuitive, for example,

Why I have to  duplicate a view if I can use the same view in different layouts?

Why not moving views from one folder to another with freedom without taping anything?

Why not create different folders by color to organise projects?

Why I have to see families and groups and links if I am only working with views and layouts?

Is more or less this

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