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Print using a sheet or revision schedule

Print using a sheet or revision schedule

Wish there was a way to print based on what sheets are showing up on the drawing list. We could accomplish this in dynamo but i feel like it would be something everyone would want to do all the time.


Contrariwise, having the ability to sort and group Sheet List Schedules in the same way that we group Sheets in the Project Browser (such as by the first 2 or 3 Sheet Number characters), without having to introduce custom parameters, would also be very nice. Smiley Happy


This improvement would be very important for German Revit users. Of course, the export should also be available for Material Takeoffs.


In the Revit Wishlist 2017 in Germany it ranked #9 out of 52 wishes. You can find more information on


Have an automatically-populated option to print all sheets that are included in a Revision.


would be great if this could be extrapolated to include all sheet issue sets, not just revisions...(SD/DD/CD/etc).

It would be extremely helpful if you had the ability to print (whether to a physical printer or PDF) by utilizing a sheet list within your model. Currently, we essentially recreate our sheets lists with the print lists of the print dialogue, but often times when sheets are added or removed, it doesn't get picked up in the print list and it causes headaches when trying to get documents out the door at a deadline.


If you could tell Revit to "print all of the sheets contained in 'Sheet List Arch'", the chance of erroneously printing too many or not enough sheets would be eliminated.

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I support this being included as a built-in feature. In the meantime, I have found the "Print Index" add-in quite useful as it does exactly what you are looking for:

benwolk - Print Index, like Batch Print (within Revit) are great functioning for specifying a list - I agree! But what I should have been more clear on with my initial post, is that the order in which your sheets are printed is crucial when assessing the effectiveness of a tool like this.


An example of a project I'm currently working on: We have about 150 sheets, but our standard order is compromised because of our naming convention for the sheets in the 100's. Essentially, because our building is greater than 10 stories, and we have a variety of conditions we're representing, our "First Floor Plan" is 1001, 2nd is 1002, and so on. However, we want Sheet A1001 to be printed BEFORE Sheet A200. We utilize a sheet order parameter to achieve this for our sheet lists, but this is not something that Revit has the capability of respecting when you hit print. 


This goes the same for demolition plans, architectural site plans, or anything else that might break the obvious alphanumeric ordering that Revit utilizing. i.e, "AD100" for Architectural Demo, "AS100" for Architectural Site, etc.

Create a sheet set from a filtered sheet list? 


I created a shared parameter (sheet size e.g. A0 Landscape) which I use in a label in a title block family. I then share the same parameter in as an instance parameter attached to project information. I then filter my sheet list by page size. Is it now possible to create a sheet set from the filtered sheet list schedule? 



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I was wondering is there a way in Revit to print lets say all sheets with a latest revision in the project. Like  the option we are able to choose from the menu - "print all in-session, print current view", etc.


I have a project with many sheets and of course not all of them get revisions but I need to be able to select them quickly.


Thanks for your thoughts.




This is almost a daily frustration for Us. I'd to see something like this implemented in next version of Revit or any external application to resolve this issue.

Give credit where credit is due!


pyRevit seems to have implemented this feature into their add-in. The "Print From Ordered Sheet List" function operates exactly as expected, and allows you to print from a selected sheet list, and compile a single PDF that maintains the order that you have defined, allowing you to print all of your G, AS, AD, A, I, etc. sheets in a single printing, in the correct order, without having to doctor the PDF. (Link to pyRevit)


Still sitting over here, wishing.

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This is still an issue? What about printing based on grouping of sheets?

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Competing BIM software has had a document set sorting/publishing feature for over 20 years. Publishing is one of the most important features required of any architectural software. To not have this implemented in any meaningful way is inexcusable. Get with the 1990's, Autodesk!


It would be useful to have a print option to select by revision so only revised sheets for a particular issue or date can be plotted without the need to create a sheet set in revit (for large projects).




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Hell yeah 


Bloody yes !! And also, the last revision should come first (sorted by date), so we don't print an older revision by mistake.


Here's one solution using Dynamo. It will print using your drawing index and merge the files in proper order. You will need to edit a few small things to match your printer settings. You will also need to have the packages listed in the post (easy to get in Dynamo under Packages/Search for...) Look for the latest posts as I have been updating the script.

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When a revision is clouded and added to sheet, that sheet should automatically go to a group that can print as a hole.  This will allow selecting what sheets to print for a revision to be must faster.

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Revit does a great job of being able to track revisions, however, the one thing we find lacking at my company is a way to automatically PDF/print only the sheets that are associated with a certain revision, instead of having to track which sheets are associated with the revision an then go through and create set or check them individually. 

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