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Precast - Bended fabric Mesh

Precast - Bended fabric Mesh

The tools of bended mesh needs to be more user friendly and understand automatic recognition of shape. Also you should be able to get all parameters inside of schedule ( Does not work to get BEND diameter or Nominal diameter inside of the schedule.  Drag and stretch should work (modelling tool) . Type based bended mesh is not user friendly and i will need to manually every time type in values and also create new types even though the shape is exactly same . The only diffference is the "length" of the bended mesh",  so it should be instance parameters instead. 

Also inserting method should be more 3D friendly . Now i only can insert it in plan and section also. 
The precast industry is very big and we need these tools to work seamless inside of Revit to be able to create good 3D models and gathering the information in schedules. 

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Also the possibility to get "angle dimension" parameters is not possiblie. So if i want to create bended mesh " D shape" then i only get parameter  "A" & "B" but not for angle .... 

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