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Possibility to create a panel schedule from the linked file or add from to sheet

Possibility to create a panel schedule from the linked file or add from to sheet

As the project became bigger, so does our models.

In a building with floors that are exactly the same, we are considering the use of linked file, it works better than groups, since when we copy a group the circuits are gone, in the linked file they are all there!

The only thing missing is the panel schedules! There are at least two options I can see:


1 - Create the panel schedules in the host, maybe not a good idea.

2 - Be possible to place the panel schedules created in the linked file in the host file sheets!



Where we export circuits from Panel Schedules from a Project into our cable sizing software it can only be done on a panel by panel or project  by project basis. Multiple buildings require multiple project models so the export/import link is broken and things need to be done piecemeal.


I think this idea must be considered by Autodesk urgently! Large projects requires us to split our model. If we want to have a detailing file where we link many parts of the building(s), we can't import the pannel schedule!!! 


Using dummy loads is not productive and, mostly important, IS NOT BIM!!! In this way, having any change or multiple changes inside linked files, dummy loads can't update automatically. So, it's totally suscetiple of human error!


Please Autodesk, consider finding a way of, AT LEAST, to import a VIEWER MODE of linked files pannel schedules. In this way, we won't be able to modify them, but simply to show and to place them in sheets for documentation process.


AGREED! If we could just show what they look like from the link on the proper project's sheet, then it would be fine.


Our workflow for some projects is a "master" model, then we link that one into any new project file. The modeling happens in the master model and it is split up into worksets per area of the project/campus/building. The new project file links in the "master" files, closing certain worksets depending on the scope, and then all annotation is done within the new project file.


With this workflow we can model all items within a single model and then create project documentation for each project in it's own file. This workflow works great and helps when we have many ongoing projects in a single building/campus....BUT, the one and only thing really stopping this workflow is electrical panel schedules. Every other item/category can be shown from the link except the panel schedules.




The opposite of this request is also necessary, not only to access panel schedules in linked files, but to apply loads from linked files to local panels.

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