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Pinned Element Warning Improvement

Pinned Element Warning Improvement

Pinning an element works well, but there are some nuances. How many times have you tried to move things only to be told that something was pinned in your select and then you get to try again?


I think that the handling of these should be different, or the warnings should show up in a different way.


If I select something that is pinned and want to move it, Revit waits until I've gone through the entire process to tell me that the element was pinned. Not a big deal when it's just one element that I've selected.


But what if I went through and selected a specific set of items that need to be moved, maybe some of them are pinned and some aren't. Now Revit doesn't move anything because any one of the items is pinned. Revit also cleared out my selection. Neat.


I think a couple of things could help with this and save some time/clicks:

  • The warning dialog's could show up BEFORE you go through the modify process that you were attempting. Warning that you are TRYING to move a pinned element.
  • The warning dialog could ask what you'd like to do. Something you have chosen to move is Pinned, do you really want to move that item?
    • If I choose no, then KEEP my previous selection EXCEPT the pinned items and move the rest.
    • If I choose yes, then un-pin it and move it. Maybe there should be an option for re-pinning pinned elements.
    • DO NOT allow this dialog to be hidden ("Don't show this again).
  • What if the Selection Filter dialog showed pinned elements in a different way? Maybe you have a section for the elements, and another section for pinned elements. This way you could also filter them out of your selection before trying to move them.

Maybe some will think that this defeats the purpose of the Pin, I don't think so, if anything, it makes users more aware of them. It should also save a ton of time in those situations where you have gone through a selection process and now you get to do it all again just because of one element.

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I couldn't have said it better myself! Its aggravating when you meticulously select everything, activate your command and make the adjustment you want, only to be told you can move the object and have to start over. 


The post in the link below is similar and should be merged with this.

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