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Percentage parameter

Percentage parameter

Searched Revit Ideas for "Percentage parameter" and "% parameter" - non of the topics referring to Ideas of having a Percentage (%) parameter type in Architecture discipline families as Generic Models and Profiles, similar to having a "Length", "Number" and "Cost" type. 


Theres obviously the work-around creating a number, and using that as a "percentage" value. 


Am i missing something here? 



Pushing it, would be to also have a Per Mille (‰) parameter type. Now that we finally got Per Mille as a unit in projects, maybe next step is to add this also as parameter type, along side with percentage. 


Yeah I'm looking for a way to add percentage parameters to mass floors. eg i can say 40% is 1 bed 2 person apartments. 60% is 2 bed 4 person apartments. from that i can get an idea of the net area and typical rent per apartment in calculated fields in a schedule. Hitting a brick wall with it at the moment though. 


I too need this parameter. I have used the calculation formula it works even I have a unit of feet in what supposedly % unit. 
It is kinda problem if I don't have such unit. 


I would like to add it as a way to scale between family types - fixture be is 50% smaller than fixture A.

Use Discipline: HVAC, Type: Factor

It is able to be formatted as percentage or "fixed" (decimal) in labels, schedules, etc and it is unitless so great for scaling dimensions. No idea why this is not in the common discipline, also would be more obvious if named "Factor (percentage)".




Arrhhh cool. Thanks @MichaelWarwick7522 


Out of curiosity (and before I experiment myself later) do you know what happens if users were to type something higher than 100 when it's a percentage? As if the type something beyond 100 that will mess up the formulas I'll be using in other parameters.

I agree with you. The Revit Developer should consider this.
 Adding the following in Common.

  • % Percentage
  • ‰ Per Mille



We have the percentage in the following.
But my concern is are they any violation or conflict with Report or .....?








In the mean time, until percentages are added as a format users can pick for a parameter. The way I've gotten around it is to have a schedule where users input data as part of the workflow. The schedule has a conditional format. So if the overall value goes higher than 100 on each row. The row gets highlighted in red. 

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