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Parameter visibility through formula (conditions)

Parameter visibility through formula (conditions)

It would be cool to make a parameter visible based on certain conditions (with a formula?). In that way the end user of a Revit family, for example, sees a yes/no parameter based on formula driven conditions through a formula. 

The problem we're now facing (for example) is we have a yes/no condition, whicih is applicable for a product within 2 diameters (out of for example 10 diameters). You could inform the end user about that through the tooltip, but make the yes/no visible only at those parameters would be extremely cool and useful.

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Yes that makes perfect sense.


Also if you have different types it can often mean different information to set. If you had a part made up of a round tube you would be setting diameter whilst if it is a rectangular tube you would set two length parameters. You don't want to see parameters that make no sense to the object still visible.

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