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Option to select single or mutiple tagging

Option to select single or mutiple tagging

There should be option to select if I want to give single tag with one command or multiple tags. As in copy command there is an option to select multiple so that I can keep copying in the same command session. This feature should be brought in to tagging as well.


Now the problem is, if I have to tag any one element I have to keep pressing escape to get out of that command. Many a times it catches other elements involuntarily. Introducing this "Multiple" option will relief us of that hassle.








Hi, @shujath36 ,


This functionality is currently available with the Add/Remove Host option. This allows you to add additional tag leaders. If this is unchecked, you can still add multiple (separate) tags without exiting the command.




@kimberly.fuhrmanlooks like I didn't made it clear in first post. I am talking about continuous and non-continuous tag command. It is not about leaders. When you run a copy command, you will get "multiple" toggle option where we can choose if we want it one time or continuous. All I am proposing here is to bring that in tag command as well. 


I feel like just pressing ESC when you're done is less work than moving the mouse to check/uncheck this proposed option. How often are you tagging just a single thing?



I generally go with bulk tagging. But there are situation where elements require individual attention like say outlets having different orientation or you find some tags missing in the quality check. This is common in MEP disciple. Also, we have to deal with tags catching up linked file elements. (vote here if you care about this issue)

About your concern of moving the mouse, it doesn't have to be every time as once checked, it will set as default and show as checked on your next command session.




Thank you for the additional clarification!

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