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Option to display mouse pointer as crosshairs

Option to display mouse pointer as crosshairs

Provide an option to further customize the user interface by adding an option to display the mouse pointer as crosshairs. This helps the visual user to quickly "eyeball" with greater confidence, especially when Revit does not provide desirable inferences. This would also serve as a tool to easily identify objects that may be slightly misaligned.


Quick mockup is attached.


Cross Hair size should modify.

It will so helpful to have an option to have the mouse as infinite cross lines like AutoCAD 14 (or option on new Autocads) it will help users to guess are objects aligned or not or finding the extensions.




This is a little feature found in AutoCAD and it is very useful for aligning text and all sorts other things. It helps when designing and working out proportions.  I really like the way  hstaabprime  illustrated the issue the need and the fix.  A monkey can understand what he is asking for, he knows how to communicate with Autodesk. 


@mjh_davis you've made my day! Thanks for the vote and compliment.

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It would be amazing by the technical reasons presented above; and because I am Severely Sight Impaired, it would help greatly to have crosshairs as in AutoCAD.

@hstaabprime thanks for the suggestion!


In windows you have this alternative:


Powertoys by Microsoft


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