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Option for NOT connecting conduits to cable trays when stretching them

Option for NOT connecting conduits to cable trays when stretching them

An option is needed for NOT connecting conduits to cable trays when modifying conduit systems. Now it happens when modeling (close enough or colliding) and having the "automatically connect" mode on, which is understandable and apparently by design, BUT it also happens when stretching a conduit over a cable tray in a similar manner ( = close enough or colliding). Yes, you can switch off "auto-connect" when modeling but that doesn't help stretching, there's no option for that case.

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Infuriating isn't it!?


The only way to prevent this that I've found is using the align command and aligning the end of the conduit to a point past the tray. Just make sure you won't have to edit/move the tray after or else everything will F'n auto split on you again.


Issues like this are why I will continue to reject claims of Revit being better than AutoCAD.


Who cares about stability if you can't even make a final product worth using.....

Frustrating yes, but some day (if not already, e.g. with the help of our MagiCAD for Revit application 😉 ) Revit will have so many benefits that they will drive over the usability of AutoCAD. Of course one would hope that these kind of small usability issues would be fixed too so that end-users would be less frustrated when this day comes. 🙂

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