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Notes at bottom of schedules

Notes at bottom of schedules

Like described in this post it would be good to be able to add notes (any text at will) in the bottom row of schedules. Most schedules done in CAD have that.

There is a workaround to have the notes right under the header, but that looks odd.


I'd like to be able to add notes to a schedule to add clarity to what some of the columns relate to and caveats about the data contained therein.


Currently this would be covered when we put the schedule on a sheet by adding a legend or similar but as the industry is progressing with BIM there is a much greater requirement to transfer schedules digitally in spreadsheet format.  At that point they become separated from the associated drawing and for this reason I'd like these notes to be an embedded part of the schedule that would be exported when the schedule is exported. 






Great ideia, very interesting

I Kudosed because more flexiblilty would be good, but currently you can merge the headers and write notes in there. But as i say, more flexibility would be good, like adding to the bottom of the schedule

I'm commenting on this one as well as may add my own. Essentially, I also want what this describes but below more thoroughly explains what I'm looking for - see attached image for example of the schedule I want to be able to add:

Packaged Rooftop Unit Schedule (Gas Heat).png



Comments / remarks / a special column that can be placed / referenced at the bottom of schedules

Why can't we have a schedule where comments/remarks/ a special column can be placed and numbered / lettered and then, like almost all schedules I make, have those

Additionally there should be able to be a general notes / labeled paragraph / or just formattable text able to be placed at the bottom of a schedule as well (or this could be an alternative to my first suggestion but I would prefer both.




I would like to have the option to add a text box with full text editor as the bottom row of a schedule. This should be similar to adding a header, just make it a notes section on bottom.


I like to use Revit schedules to automate my mechanical equipment schedules, but currently I have to create a separate drafting view for the typical notes at the bottom of each schedule. If there was an option to include a text box at the bottom of a schedule, the full width of the schedule, I can have these notes already included for each type of equipment schedule and know that they will always be attached to the bottom of the schedule as I add equipment and the schedule grows. 

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What I've played with is using a Global Parameter, because you can (Cntrl + Enter) to create returns. Then in the Sorting Tab I set the G.P. as the 1st to sort with Footer checked. If you wanted an other column(s), then knowing the space & adding "|" symbol.




It would be nice to have a notes section for the bottom of equipment schedules. This would be something similar to the way a Panel schedule has a notes field. Current we have text that is not connected to the schedule. When additional elements are added to the schedule the text location on the sheet views needs to be adjusted.

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Why not add this function to a schedule:





This definitely needs to be implemented.  jgendell has the right idea here as for what it should be.  It should be another function that is added to the bottom of every schedule.  You should be able to format it the way you want it, and make it as many lines or as few as required.

Yes. Here, here. Please fix this.

You can already do this in Panel Schedules with their own parameters (don't have Revit on my Surface so cant screenshot it), so why can't we do this is element schedules? 


We use all Revit schedules for scheduling mechanical equipment. Would be great if the units could move to a header column instead of being shown in every single data row-- it would clean up the look of the schedule a lot. 


Also, can we please have a line at the bottom where we can add schedule text such as notes, dislcaimers, etc? 

Schedule notes Revit.png

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Add footnotes or notes at the bottom of Revit Schedules. 


I guess you could create a text parameter and assign a text string to it, but that's not very intuitive for many users. A text box like in Excel would be a more down-to-earth solution.


I use a text box below the schedule, but it does not move with the schedule.  Therefore, when you move the schedule in the sheet you have move the text box with it.  Also, if the more items are added to the schedule the notes end up in the middle of the schedule.  Finally, if the footnote is built in the schedule you can put a border on it matching the schedule width.  


This has already been submitted so make sure to upvote this previous suggestion too!


@jrlDRLE7: No, no. That obviously won't work. Grouping the text box and the schedule together i don't think it would work either. I wish Revit would be more like Tekla: by grouping text boxes dynamically, if one text box grows for whatever reason, all subsequent boxes automatically move down / to side in orderly fashion to accommodate the text growth.


I agree 100% with adding the line at the bottom of the schedule for the notes.


As for the units, we hide the units in the schedule and manually enter them in the header format.  A little more work but once it's set up, you're good to go.


I would love to see a note block similar to panel schedule to be available on all schedules as well.  I think it would be cool if it could be done with using the Element Keynote.  The only issue with this thought is that you can only assign one Element Keynote per element.  You would have thought for as many people want this that Autodesk would have included this by now.


It would be nice to have the ability to add general notes to a schedule at the bottom. That way when you move a schedule the notes go right with it that are schedule specific. 

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