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Non-rectangular Scope Box

Non-rectangular Scope Box

We have non-rectangular crop regions.  Can we please have non-rectangular scope boxes so we don't have to copy/paste the non-rectangular crop region to 30 views.......


I'll add my vote to this as well.


I'll dedicate my first post to this. For multi story apartment buildings non rectangular scope boxes would be a game changer, I'm sure you realize this so please implement it.


I've posted before, but I wanted to share a method I use to get around this in the meantime.  I have pre-created detail groups from chains of detail lines.  I place these detail groups in a view that needs to be irregular, select the detail group "CropX" and the view boundary, and "HI" to isolate.  Then I Edit Crop of the view and align/trim/draw crop lines to match.  "HR" to reset view Hide/Isolate, and delete the detail group from view.


As an alternative to pre-created detail groups, one could create model lines and model groups in each level, then they would not need to be placed in each view.

A second alternative would be to use reference planes, as they can extend across multiple floors.  But depending on your view templates and Reference Plane visibility settings you may need to place them on a different layer workset and "improperly" use worksets, according to Revit engineers.

I hope this helps someone along the way.  If there's a better place to share this, please educate me.


@CTaylorCCE, that is a really good idea! I've done custom crop regions before, but never by using a group or detail lines to copy it from level to level. I'll definitely be using this next time I have an oddly shaped building. Thanks!


As for worksets, we use them "improperly" all the time, so I'm not worried about that.



It is a really good idea that has been going since 2016. Sadly, I do not think it will ever come to fruition as Revit is now over twenty years old,  -  Major development has stalled over the last ten years and the program should have been rewritten by now if it is ever was going to be rewritten. There are a few issues like this that will never be addressed. - Now we have Forma and the resources seem to be going into this and the cloud.  Accelerating developments in AI will probably mean that the Revit platform will be gone in five to ten years.  Maybe Autodesk will be lucky to survive?


Bumping this thread. There are infinite examples of buildings with irregular shapes. Producing those buildings in Revit without irregular scope boxes is a hinderance to productivity. Please get this on the roadmap and help the community save their beautiful heads of hair before they pull them out. 


This would be a great addition to revit


@DMK™that are some nice visuals.


I'm starting to think scope boxes might need a complete overhaul. The fact that they still have no API support (despite people suggesting it as long as a decade ago) probably means that the way they're defined in the source code is probably quite troublesome and hard to add functionality to. Autodesk, let's get some smarter scope boxes! Start from the ground up if you need to! Scope boxes for the win


This would be so easy to implement and they still won't do it. I bet I could code it myself. The perils of a monopoly.


editable scope box shape

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