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Need offset option for the align command in Revit

Need offset option for the align command in Revit

align command in Revit is powerful but it lacks an offset option

most drawing tools in Revit (model lines etc) have an offset option


currently align has a default offset of "0"

the current work around is to align then move the aligned object to the desired offset location


For example 

when I model structural beams I want to align the existing structural beams to the orientation of the slab edge but at "4inches"(100mm) away from the slab edge 

so what I do now is model the beam 

align the beam to the slab edge at "0" offset (so it sit on the slab edge) then move the beam 4inches (100mm) away


If there was an "offset" option on the align command it would save many many hours of modeling time each year 






Never thought about this until you brought it up, now it's something I need it all the time!  Sometimes ignorance is best... 😃


Parallel idea:



I'd like the ALIGN tool to have an OFFSET option.  Please see the following mock-up.


If I enter 1'-0" for the offset value, then the objects that I'm aligning (moving) will be 1' from the target object.


I currently use the ALIGN tool and then move the objects by the offset value.




It might be useful to have some mechanism to "lock" the offset distance as well (similar to how "Pick Walls" and "Pick Supports" maintains the offset distance lock when you move the Floor sketch line off of the original pick line). Currently to "Align-lock" to a non-zero distance, you need to create a separate dimension, then lock and hide it.


EDIT: similar/related idea:


Yes, yes, I want this too.  I have a floor type for grating where the edge of grating should always be 1/2" back from the edge of framing.  As of now I just lock the flooring sketch to the edge of beam and live with the error.  But this could work in a lot of other applications, slab offsets for example (where you don't have a dimension placed that can be locked).


great idea! 


It would be incredible if you could set an offset (where the multiple align option is) when using the align tool.

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Good day


My suggestion is to feature the align tool with the option to offset. 


Thus when using the align tool the default offset would be 0mm.

But I as a user could set it to lets say 50 mm and align all my cupboard units to the wall but with a 50 mm offset, meaning there would be a 50 mm gap between the wall and the cupboards.


I hope you take my suggestion into consideration.


Kind Regards

Jeane du Preez


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