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More Revit Hatch Patterns and with Parameters and Appearances

More Revit Hatch Patterns and with Parameters and Appearances

It would also be great if there were more built in patterns for tiling and flooring that might allow items like the Herringbone pattern but adjustable parameters (so one could use a tile that is 230 mm x 1 500 mm for instance). It would also be useful if the individual tiles were to have an appearance asset attached to them. 

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At least remove the 100', 1200", 30480mm limitation on spacing.  This includes the line and dash values that exceeds this limit.  For example, this line is not valid in Revit (although it works in AutoCAD):


172, 32,38, 363,-1.16, 4.5,-1484


angle, origin-x, origin-y, delta-x, delta-y, line, dash

The problem is the total length of line and dash (the last two values of 4.5 and -1484).  4.5 + 1484 = 1488.5.  The units are in inches, so this is beyond the limit of 1200".  Revit doesn't allow this for some reason.

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