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model in place cut everything

model in place cut everything

At my work I often get the question how to make an opening in different objects.

For system families you can use different methods, but for structural framing it's not possible to make en opening with a model in place family.

if you want to create an opening in a beam that does not go through the entire beam, you need to use another hosted family.


It would be so much easier if all objects in Revit would be able to be cut by a model in place family.



That can be done by joining them with an in place mass,  zwitch join order if required,  then turn off mass display.


Nice trick.....I didn't know that one. When mass is disabled in the export to IFC view it doesn't even get exported.👍

Still (in my opinion) it would be better and less confusing to make every family cutable by a model in place.  

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