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Make all kinds of view filters work with linked files

Make all kinds of view filters work with linked files


When you create then apply (with the API) view filters on view plans that have "linked" parts, these view filters can also be applied on the linked parts.


However :


  • it has to be rule-based filters. Selection-based filters don't work : you can add to a newly created view filter (which resides in the main document) IDs of elements that belong to a linked document, but that will do nothing because Revit looks for elements in the main document (you can end up filtering elements in the main document that you don't want, if IDs are similar !).

With the UI : you cannot add an element from a linked model to a selection set for filter


  • rule-based filters that use parameters stored with an ElementId (like levels, etc) don't work because these IDs values refer to elements from the main document...

With the UI : you can make for instance a rule-based filter for rooms based on level parameter (BuiltInParameter.ROOM_LEVEL_ID). But the possible values are levels from the main document only, you don't have the levels whose IDs reside in linkeds documents.


There are a number of times when elements within a linked model need to be hidden or manipulated, but all other components need to follow the host view settings, making it less than ideal to change the links display settings.  You can only modify a links display settings in large chunks, meaning that if you want to control one category of model elements (say walls) in a link you then have to manually manage ALL of the model elements.  There are also times when only a portion of the category needs to be targeted.  While some of thsi can be done by careful workset management it generates unneeded worksets solely for visibility control and requires consultant buy in.



Add "Revit Links" as an available filter rule choice



  • Create a new filter and select the applicable categories
  • Under filter rules choose "Revit Links".  As currently occurs the Revit Links in the project appear when it is set to equals, and anything can be entered into the text field for other options
  • Apply the filter as usual.  Revit then looks only for the applicable elements in the identified model(s) to modify


  • Turn off all reference planes in a consultants model
  • Turn off all the structural walls in a consultants model
  • Turn all plumbing fixtures in the consultants model a different color for coordination
  • Halftone, poche or hide elements in a linked model that is a reference, outside the scope of a a remodel project.
  • Ideally, if detail level could be controlled by a filter, items in an existing a linked model could be viewed at a courser level (such as when they are outside the scope, an existing phase, or too detailed for the view in which they are appearing)
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It would be really helpful if we can apply filters only to links. 

In this way we can easily create some specific graphic filters to be applied on this models without accessing custom properties. 


At the same time we can easily compare for example two different revision just with a simple colored filter.



This would be very helpful.  I constantly need to view something in an existing model differently, but still need every other model or annotation category to follow the host view.  Examples of filters I'd like to create:

  • Turn off reference planes in the consultants linked models
  • Reduce detail in existing linked models by showing casework as course (another thing filters should be able to do, but that's another post), or hiding certain categories
  • Target MEP plumbing fixtures (such as floor drains) to change their color

This could be implemented by accessing project information in Filter rules, just like you can with fields in Schedules.

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Dear jkidder, you can manage visibility setting (hide or show) with filters applied to workset but, you can't apply graphics override.

Dear Ekkonap, could you explain better what do you mean? 


@Anonymous I'll try a different explanation. You can judge whether or not it is better.

Currently, in a schedulde filter, we can apply a filter to values in a linked file's project info parameters. I'd like to see the exact same functionality in the View Filter menu.


@Anonymous That works for entire links, or for worksets that you have in both links.  This requires having (or not having) the elements you want to hide on a matching workset.  If I have my existing building link on a workset I can't use that workset to target the reference planes in the link, because Revit sees them as being on the workset within the link.  Worksets don't have hierarchy.  


I want to be able to target something specific (like reference planes) in one or more links. Ideally there would be a way to do it broadly (The reference plans in all links) or focus it on a specific link). Perhaps all filters could have a set of checkboxes, "Current Model" and "Links", both of which would be checked by default. When links is checked (if not all the time) you would have access to the RVT Link parameters you can get in some types of schedules: "RVT Link: File Name" and "RVT Link: Name" and could use the operators the same way you could for other parameters.


Filters should contain File Name in the Filter By drop down, so you can dig down into a specific File. Not all things can be altered via Revit Links, some things like Ducts and Piping you need to filter the System Name and Family Name not equal to blank (empty/no name). The problem is this works across all files..


This could be covered by an idea I posted  View Template include subcomponent from other template - which allows 'partial' view templates to be assigned to other view templates. This eliminates the tedium of repeating so thousands of settings ONCE, then those settings are conveyed to another template


(Content deleted)


Let's use a simple example:


We're in an electrical model looking at an RCP.  The Architect's model is linked in and has lights in their model. Electrical model has some lights in their model and the two are different.  Halftone the link isn't really useful.


There should be a quick way to color code the architects model.  You should be able to use a filter and say all lighting fixtures in this model are pink, etc.


I have been able to accomplish this in a pretty annoying way / Please advise if there's a better solution: I can put my lights in a known workset, then filter any fixture that's not in that workset to be another color.  This breaks down when you have more than one.

I copy/monitor and turn the lights category off in the linked model

Hello Glen,


I use FilterMore, current View or All model I don't know how to do easier.


FilterMore 2.JPG


Good luck




Nearly one year since I posted this.


Autodesk team : still no improvements regarding this specific point ?




I agree with Maxime. 

Being able to use view filters in linked files is necessary. It is one of the solutions to shorten the length of filtering in big projects. Since those are always split in linked files filtering is lengthy. And being able to filter within a view would be therefore very helpfull.


Community Visitor

4 years later... is there any movement on this topic? 
As previously mentioned by few users; working on big projects with multiple files linked it, it is crucial to be able to filter out and isolate a certain category from all the links in the main file. 

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