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Linework - Multiple lines or objects, families

Linework - Multiple lines or objects, families

The linework tool (albeit a last resort sometimes) would be made more efficient if we could select multiple objects or lines and then select the convert linework dropdown and choose what type, and the it would graphically override all selected items/ lines in that view only, per typical linework.

Or, if the dropdown option needs to be selected first, allow Control /multi-select to be pressed and then changes implemented as you click or as you release Control.

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Sorry if I'm being obtuse, but what does that workflow save you? 


The amount of clicks would still be the same (Select object A, B, and C, then change the line type in the theoretical dropdown menu. (4 clicks)  VS  Select linework tool, then click object A, B, and C (4 clicks). 


Time-wise it should be the exact same as you're still tabbing to find whatever object you're trying to linework and clicking the same amount.  I just don't see the benefit unless you have a specific example in mind. 


I could see the argument that you could theoretically select previous and keep changing the same line weights until you get it looking the way you want.  But typically if you have a bunch of linework items that are changing that you want to see a certain way, a view template override would be a more efficient way to do it I would think.


Part of the problem as I see it is that there is no obvious marking of what category of line a line is. Is it model or annotative? Selecting a line shows only "Line" in the properties. If a mixture of model and annotative lines are in a view, it would be nice to be able to select several lines and force them all to model lines, even if I select a mixture of model and annotative lines.


This is especially frustrating in the family editor, where the difference between model and annotative lines matters as the different types are affected by view scale. I may be off topic from what margorie was getting at with her original idea.


@Anonymous  No..... it would not be the same clicks. It could potentially be dozens even hundreds less, depending on the situation. If they made it available, you could use your highlight tool to select 99% of the project if you wanted with one selection box, and then change the linetype to it all. Thought that would be obvious... For example: I have a wire shelf that has hundreds of lines, and instead of being able to just box-select the entire shelf and all those lines, and then select linetype and change them all at once, I would currently have to go and click EVERY.SINGLE.LINE. No thanks. This would ABSOLUTELY be a helpful change.

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