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Lighting Fixture - MEP connector enhancements

Lighting Fixture - MEP connector enhancements

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) BIM Standards committee recently created a list of Autodesk Revit enhancement and feature requests based on a membership survey. We have shared a prioritized list with Autodesk and are posting them here, on Revit Ideas, to build community support to benefit the lighting design industry.


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Would allow lights to have components that are circuited to an emergency circuit as well as to a normal circuit. Connectors for both zone and power. Improved capabilities of data connectors (e.g., DMX) and power (e.g., POE). Whether it is emergency vs. Normal, or power vs. low-voltage control circuit, it would be very helpful to have a best practice guide within the Autodesk help guide. Add tagging (without wire).....

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