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Leader Type as Instance Parameter

Leader Type as Instance Parameter

Goal: Streamlined Tag and Text Process


Leader Type as Instance Parameter - We have too many text/tag styles that literally vary only in the leader head (Arrow, slash, dot, open circle, etc). Any time an edit has to be made, we have to edit many tag types rather than just one. Same goes for Text. Making leader arrowhead an instance would clean things up significantly and greatly reduce the amount of hunting we have to do to switch text styles (imagine keeping the same text style 99% of the time and being able to be rid of 30 redundant text styles - all different by only the leader head, justification, etc)


I somewhat disagree with this one, but mainly just because I never got around to purging the extra Arrowheads from our template. Our Type list isn't huge, and it's helpful to have all the setting in the type (a boxed text with dot leader, for example, for SOG callouts). However, if we could assign different Arrowheads to each leader, that might be worth the tradeoff (though we've already avoided that limitation by slightly changing how we call out rebar).


BTW - it might be more helpful if you put the wish in the title (instead of just the number), though it's probably too late now since you're past the edit time limit.


I want the leader ends to be consistent for a tag type.  Perhaps as an option to be instance or type based?


I agree on the need for consistency, but the key here is that slight variations require entirely new types - and that is inefficient.  if what you wish as a consistent standard (the leader, opacity, boxing, etc) could be set as a DEFAULT (tag or text is always created with 15 degree arrowhead, no box, left justified, opaque) then no type switching would be required.  In the occasional cases where you need an open circle leader head for that tag - an instance parameter can override the default arrowhead leader.  The problem is not the switching of types when you need a circular leader - the problem is A) having to sort through all the types when picking a tag and edit all the different types when changes have to occur and B) after you've switched to one of the "one-off" tag or text styles - the next time you tag or create text - you have to remember to switch back.


Thus i believe carrying fewer "type options" for a user to pick from would actually improve the user experience and consistency.  I seriously have 10 different types of Arial 3/32" text in my typical projects - of which i use one type primarily.  



The arrowheads used in text and labels would work better and provide greater flexibility if they were controlled independently for each instance and not as a type configuration.


In the example below, the same label symbol and the same type of text are being used, but the graphic standard requires different arrowheads depending on whether you are pointing to a particular edge, surface, or other element.

Because the configuration of arrowheads is done by type, this forces you to create different types of each label symbol and type of texts (at least between 2 to 3 different types for each symbol or text that requires a different arrowhead). This situation ends up loading the project with an excess of elements that could be avoided by simply allowing the arrowhead to be an instance parameter.


This will greatly simplify user workflow, make it easier to navigate in the Type selection box, and reduce the overhead of unnecessary items in large-scale projects.




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