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Keynotes in Linked Revit Files

Keynotes in Linked Revit Files

Issue - when linking Revit files with other Revit files, the host file does not populate the Keynote legend from the Keynote Tags in the linked file.  The work around is to create a per project keynote legend, and filter out what you need.  This becomes very labor intensive and limited due to filter options.  It would be far more efficient if Revit would just allow you to populate a per sheet keynote legend, in the host file, that would include linked views. 


This was a previous topic that is still valid. People normally uses links in order to contain individual 'units', 'house types' or bedroom types' for projects with such as hotels, apartments, hospital rooms, senior care facilities, etc. 


Issue - when linking Revit file with other Revit files, the host file does not populate the Keynote legend from the Keynote Tags in the linked file.


Would like Keynote tags from linked file to be available and populate in the Keynote Legend in host file.

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To add onto A.N Boyer's Idea I offer my perspective. 


Currently our team at my office is working on 3 buildings with 1 shared site. The buildings sit on top of a super structure garage below grade. we are utilizing shared coordinates for the models in our office along with our consultants. 


In house we have (3) building models, (1) Superstructure garage Model, (1) Detail Master Model and (1) unit model that has the units for all 3 buildings. 


With the unit model we are creating views that will be referenced into each of the building models for our drawings and consistency of information displayed. 


We are able to see the dimensions, window tags, door tags, and all modeled items and the keynotes. The problem is that the Keynote Legend will not populate the keynotes in the linked model. 


This is going to cause a lot of work by our drafters and coordination to make sure all 3 buildings are updated with the correct keynotes. This will also cause our sheets to look dissimilar and potentially cause issues in construction. 


I hope that Autodesk can address this issue as soon as possible and hopefully in the next update. 


The keynote legend does not have the functionality to read keynotes from linked files.


Our workflow for for a site with multiple buildings is to model and annotate the views in the building file, then create a similar view in the site file and assign that view the RVT link display settings in the Visibility/Graphics Override to show the annotations. The only issue is that any keynotes placed in the linked file will not show in the keynote legend.


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