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Interior wall footings

Interior wall footings

I'd like revit to have a footing family that would be wall hosted that has sloped sides. We use thickened slab bell footings in almost every project we do that has shear or load bearing interior walls. The work around now is creating a slab edge profile that is hosted to a model line drawn @ the bottom of a wall. This does work but the footing is controlled by a line and not a wall..


This wouldn't just be for interior footings, as the exterior walls could use an option for a thickened slab footing as well (sloped on one side). Either way would also need an option for a drop (see below). Basically Foundations in general need an overhall, as we can't always use them - we often resort to using beams and Filters to make them look like Foundations and clean up nicely (one of the reasons we stay away from Slab Edges - I hadn't realized that you could host them to Model Lines).


00-1.EN1_cropped to thickened-slab beams.png



This should be dead simple to do in Revit.  But its not.  I'd love to see this feature.  I'm actively trying to find a good workaround.


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