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Improved Sheet Sorting

Improved Sheet Sorting

It would be good to be able to have multi level sorting of sheets (similar to grouping) in the project browser in a similar way to how we can sort in Schedules rather than just Number and Scale.


This is particularly important when working with BS1192 numbering systems.






Isn't this already possible?  Right click on Sheets in the project browser and go to browser organization.


No. You can currently group by parameter but you can only 'sort' by number or scale. 


This is part of my growing list of Wishlist items:


Wishlist: Add a parameter to sheets such as "sequence" that will allow you to sort the sheet list by a sequence number instead of name or sheet number.



I often have no choice about assigned sheet numbers, so sorting by that is not an option, but I would like the sheet list to sort in a rational way.  I would also like them to print in the "sequence" order.


Add "group by" options to get your sheets to sort correctly.


We have our sheets grouped by Major discipline order, than by a minor discipline order, and sorted by sheet.  You could group by sort order, then sort by sheet.


You can create any custom project parameter that you want and assign it to sheets. I would make it a "number" type parameter. Then you can sort by that number and put whatever number you want in that field.

i also expect the same like creating creating a project parameter "sheet sort order’" and sort it using this parameter however in the "browser organisation properties" If we click on drop down of "sort by" option, there are only two options to sort, one by ‘scale’, another by ‘sheet number’ there s no option to link the newly created parameter "sheet sort order’" if they add this feature then it will be easy as you said

Check a couple of things:


1. That after you've added the parameter to your project, that you have assigned it to the "sheets" category.

2. That you've added that parameter field to your schedule so that you can then sort by it. 


I typically have 2 versions of my schedules, a "working" one and a "sheet" or "printing" one. The "working" one has columns visible that I need for sorting and grouping while the "sheet" version has those same columns hidden because I don't want to see them when I put the schedule on my sheet, but I need them to be there in order to sort by them.




may its confusion from my end, we need this sheet sorting in the project browser organisation and not in a schedule. in schedule we can add project parameter and control them for sorting but in project browser sorting we cannot and thats what is not happening in the current 2017




Look at these two images, maybe they will help. The first is where I created a new instance parameter for sheets, and the second is after I created a new sheet organization for my browser and picked that new parameter that I created. 


Project Parameter - Sheet Sorting.pngBrower Org - Sheets.png


 Thanks Purvigirwin


This will help but in our condition project is already in CD stage and browser setup is well set and only sorting is needed also using newly added Parameter "Group by" option creates highlighted sub folders. it will be great if some how we can use this parameter in highlighted "Sort by" dropdown. i asked this to Autodesk support group but they said its not in the current versions and only can add if i put it here in this forum and it get more votes then they may think of it


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We are looking to do the exact same thing and would appreciate Autodesk looking into it.


This is EXACTLY what we need to figure out as well!


We would like to sort based on a custom sheet parameter. A bonus would be if we could do multi level sort (sort on Parameter A and then on Parameter B).

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 I want this to, this a huge problem because if you can only use the group by it adds so many lines and plus you have to open all those "+" 


It is incredible to me, that in 2019, this issue still persists.


Is it hard to implement - what am I missing here?








Any progress on this? I'm still using 2018 but we are about to upgrade to 2021 and find it annoying that something this simple is causing so many work around's.


It should be possible to organize the project browser by dragging and dropping views directly in the browser from one folder to another folder on a dynamic way.

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@decioferreira: Definitively. Or , at least, some arrow buttons to move it up / down. Or to use keyboard arrow keys.


You don't seem to understand how the project browser works - it organises views by the parameters associated with them. It is not a typical Windows explorer folder structure.


Please add the ability to add custom parameters to the Browser Organization Properties dialog, on the Grouping and Sorting tab, at the bottom for Sort by. Currently this list is built-in. I think making this support shared and/or project parameters would solve many wishes on this board. Like this one:



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