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IFC document update

IFC document update

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) BIM Standards committee recently created a list of Autodesk Revit enhancement and feature requests based on a membership survey. We have shared a prioritized list with Autodesk and are posting them here, on Revit Ideas, to build community support to benefit the lighting design industry.


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Many BIM applications use IFC to promote vendor-neutral and usable capabilities across a wide range of hardware devices, software platforms, and interfaces for many different use cases (OpenBIM). The BIM tools have been developed considering different IFC schema definitions that are regularly developed and updated by buildingSMART. It is recommended that the latest versions be used wherever possible. The most important current IFC versions are:
- IFC4 (still in beta, certification process in progress, offers certain advanced possibilities but is not widely supported yet);
- IFC2x3 (currently the most supported and stable format, certified in Revit and recommended for production).
Revit is expected to migrate very soon from IFC2x3 to IFC4 certification, which, among other features, allows better support for the representation of complex geometries. This will require the update of the IFC Manual, presently in version 2018. The final full documentation of IFC Schema IFC4 ADD2 TC1 is already published with the final status of Model View Definitions (MVDs) "Reference View" and "IFC4Precast." The "Design Transfer View" MVD is still under draft but expected to be completed soon.

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi, @dan.stine ,


There has been a very recent Revit IFC Manual update. Details can be found here: Now Available: Autodesk Revit IFC Manual Version 2.0.


Thank you for your Idea submission!



Hi @kimberly.fuhrman ,

This is great! Thanks for updating this Revit Idea and thanks to Autodesk for updating the IFC document!

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