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Hatch for hidden elements

Hatch for hidden elements

We make different kind of hatches for hidden elements on plan view, it's a standard on structural drawing but not yet implemented in Revit. For now we use filter or make two views where the second have hatches for the hidden elements, not very useful, please, this would be a huge improvement for Revit.


All structure elements have hidden lines inside there categories. 

Make sure they alle use the same line patterns, otherwise it can cause trouble. 






































You can set these to be shown in 3 ways


By Discipline


Hidden 2.jpg


Thank you very much for your help, but unfortunately you might not understand my idea.

Those settings are just for hidden lines that works well in Revit, the idea is to have also hidden hatch for hidden elements.

We always hatch hidden elements on plan view for better visibility (European standard for structural drawings)

Here the walls who are in the upper level are hidden therefore hatched with a dotted pattern for structural elements and cross hatch pattern for architectural elements.


It would be great to have this or at least to activate the hidden hatch for surface:


Oh sorry.
No did not get that. I’m in Denmark and we don’t use fill patterns (hatch) on hidden elements.


I agree it’s a must to add a hatch pattern for the hidden elements. 
I also have to use two views on the sheet on top of each other. This causes other problems when trying to print the drawings.


This feature has to be an option default.


It would be very useful to implement such functionality in next versions. For us it´s very important to be able to draw hatch patterns for hidden elements in structural plans.


@rakotoarisoa_m  This idea already exists since 2016.... But Revit doesn't seem to integrate it....

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