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Grid Intersection Parameter

Grid Intersection Parameter

Grid Intersection Parameter


Columns in Revit 2017 and most likely earlier show a 'Column Location Mark' in the Properties under Constraints, and this can be scheduled. Could this be allowed for structural connections as well? I was hoping to schedule baseplates the same way. 


Or please make location mark (grid line or coordinates option maybe?) an available parameter somehow?

Wouldn't mind more of the hard-coded column behaviors/parameters to get applied to more structural components, like beginning cut style / end cut style for horz. components, etc. They seem so separated, like they were set up with the basics in early Revit, and then never really coordinated with all the features we have at our disposal.


The answer to a lot of questions should not be "I guess you could re-create it as a column [or insert another family type here] to do what you want, which ruins all categories, graphical settings and schedules...."  They should just have these options available in [basically] each family type for the user to set up.

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