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Grading Optimization for Revit

Grading Optimization for Revit

Grading Optimization (GO) has proved to be a great external application for manipulating surfaces in Civil 3D. It can be used to calculate near perfect cut / fill with a great degree of control - and even a decent level of smoothness! A version is now 'On the Radar' for Infraworks but nothing on Revit at this point.


How good would it be to be able to set a Filled Region as a grading limit, another as a Zone / Building Platform and then select a Toposolid and have GO produce one for us?



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This is an amazing idea, sir! We can do any complex bridges, viaducts, retaining walls, culverts, gabions, piles, pile groups, secant piles, tunnels, retaining sheetpiles, etc, but we can't put them in the right context. One Toposolids button is not enough. Toposolids should lead a whole new menu called Earthworks, or should create a common modeling environment with Civil3D and Infraworks by linking multiple files into it. We should be able to align-and-lock objects between multiple models from different software, just like we can align-and-lock objects between linked Revit files. 

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