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Filter's name not fully readable in Filter Options Window as expected

Filter's name not fully readable in Filter Options Window as expected

In Revit 2019 we do not see the full filter's name and we can not expand the window as in previous versions. This is important because in most cases we use the filter's name to define it's purpose so the filter's name get's very long. In addition we work with a big amount of filters so this list gets very long as well and often you will have a large list with similar filter's name, where only the last words vary but you can not see them in this view.

I request Revit team for the filter dialog box resize so we would be able to see the filternames in full.


Yes, please. There are other dialogue boxes that aren't resisrable either and we really need this functionality everywhere.


I can't imagine why it was decided that the filter window couldn't be expanded and not read the whole filter name.  My company is in the exact situation as the original poster.  Please send a fix immediately!


@AutoDesk, please address this issue. It is very frustrating to not be able to read the complete name of each filter. Another one that I've noticed is the Line Weights window, where the scale types are cutoff on the bottom and the row cannot be expanded down. Capture.JPG



It makes the horizontal scroll bar in the Filters section of the Filters dialog superfluous.

Don't truncate the filter names = problem solved. 🤗 (Issue persists in Revit 2021.)


Oh my god, the issue is still there. Windows are not resizable, there is no slider, no popup on hover and the names are truncated. How many generations of Autodesk employees it takes to change a lightbulb add a drag-resize corner to a window?


please Autodesk: this is a tiny, isolated UI fix that would make a big difference for many users. everyone uses Filters, and everyone needs to name their Filters correctly to avoid chaos, so please give us a better way to stay on top of that!


Looks to be fixed in Revit 2023. It's still not perfect, but it's usable now.

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