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Family Templates for windows (2 new types)

Family Templates for windows (2 new types)

So overall the ideas is for two new family templates for window types. 


Template 1: Corner Window

Currently when starting a window family with the intention of creating a corner window it seems odd when the window is a corner with a long winded methodology to get it to cut a perpindecular wall. The current template shows only one wall. This new template type would have 2 perpendicular walls in the family editor.


Template 2: Arc in plan wall

Wether it is an arc in plan or the new elipse wall the template would assist in the creation of a window that would be used to match this geometry of the wall wall. If there was a change then the window would read and understand the changes (not every has time or knowledge of dynamo incentrecitys like radius and end point distance of both sides... (not every has time or knowledge of dynamo incentrecitys)

This template could be used for two types of windows

  • Creation of bay windows where there might be 4(example number) flat face windows angled in such a way to be same radius as the curved wall in plan
  • Special case where the pane and frame will be curved to match wall curved in plane

I am surprised there wasn't a duplicate of this Idea. Thank you for your submission!




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