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Export Revit rebars as polylines in Autocad

Export Revit rebars as polylines in Autocad

Revit exports rebars as simple lines in Autocad. Which is completely useless. Long bars are splited into dozen segments. Revit should export rebars as polylines, so anybody can see the full length of rebars as one entity. Polylines are more manageable in Autocad, can be stretched, copied, etc.


I know this isn't a better option, but you can use mapclean (in autocad) to convert all of those lines and arcs into polylines, isolate the layer, then pedit/join the lines. Its more steps, but until then, it's a work around. Unless you already know this, then hopefully it helps someone else!


@spelelo: I received  many beam reinforcement drawings exported from Revit. All the rebars are fully visible (including stirrups, links, spacers). The stirrups lines are cutting the long horizontal bars into dozens small segments. The rebars are not "hidden" one beyond another. All the rebars have the same color and same layer. It's unpractical to edit them (change color, change layers, join all the segments, etc). It's easier to draw everything from scratch in Autocad using polylines.

This is like Tekla Structures policy: "explode everything beyond any editing possible".

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Exporting rebar is completely impractical

Until 2023 and no solutions from Autodesk, this is really disappointing


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