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Error CannotMoveTogether should give ID number

Error CannotMoveTogether should give ID number

Pop out window when error CannotMoveTogether happens doesn't give suficient information to locate elements causing it. There should be ID number of componenet/s in the report. 

(regarding error message: "Can't move these elements at the same time. One of them is restricted to moving in one direction while the other is restricted to moving in a conflicting direction.")


error cant move revit.png


Doesn't "Export..." give you an html file that includes the id-numbers of the entities that won't budge? While far from convenient, it may help.

@MichaelWolff I just  exported html and I see the exact same info as in the pop out box. I'm using 2021 version, did it change it later versions?


@olga_lewandowska27W3Z Are you allowed to share your example file? If not, can you make an anonymous sample?

@MichaelWolff sure, how do I attach files here?


@olga_lewandowska27W3Z This being the ideas' comments, you may need to send them in a private message.

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