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Elevation Identifier for All Family Category

Elevation Identifier for All Family Category

Hi Autodesk,

Getting the elevation value of Bottom/Top of the Equipment & Bottom/Top of the wall opening is very difficult in Revit. I manage to get is by the help of Dynamo Script, but Dynamo Script is not dynamic, So still, that method is not effective.

If we have an option to place an "Elevation Point" some were in the loadable family and later use this elevation point to populate the elevation values in the annotation will be a great time saving for everyone, also the information specified in the drawing will be more accurate.

Little more detail about the "Elevation Point", I want the proposed "Elevation Point" should work as stated below.

1. During family development, this "Elevation Point" will be placed as per the author requirement.

2. This Elevation Point should be capable of populating..,

     a. Elevation value from the current reference level.

     b. Elevation value from the Base & Survey point.

3. These parameters should be able to use in annotations.

4. The author should able to assign custom naming for this Elevation Point.

5. Able to use this Elevation Point in all the Family & Annotation categories. 6. Able to snap with other elements.

Hope Autodesk will look into this proposal.Elevation Point.png

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