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Edit "Group Parameters Under"

Edit "Group Parameters Under"

My MEP engineers pull equipment and RGD families from all over the world, plus we make our own when we cannot find a family.  In the project model, when we select upon a family, their properties are all over the place, found in different parameter groups.  These parameter groups match those found in the "Group Parameters Under" drop down list when creating shared parameters.  That list is not extensible, at least not publicly.


MEP families from around the world "often" do not contain the properties we need to build a proper equipment schedule to place on our sheets.  When a MEP family does have a property that we could use, it's often got extra text, or in a different unit, or FoRmAt that we would never place on a clean looking equipment schedule.


Our solution is to use our own parameters.  We have made one massive shared parameter text file.  We sampled a few years worth of projects.  Did an 80/20 on equipment types and their schedules and included the most commonly used.  We created shared parameters (Text Format for flexibility) for those chosen families.  We would like those shared parameters to group under a heading "Equipment Schedules" on the property palette regardless of family.


I’m seeking to enumerate or add to the static list of “Group Parameter Under” categories.. 


My goal is to select upon a family in the model and see on the property palette, all equipment schedule shared params grouped, such as “Equipment Schedules” instead of “Text” or “Data,” which is vague.  Gives our engineers one place, one group of parameters to edit for completing equipment schedules on sheets.  "Equipment Schedules" or simply "Schedules" is clear in its intended use.  We have other categories we would like to add to the "Group Parameters Under" static list, such as "Calculations" for grouping family formula parameters, "Schedules Type" and "Schedules Instance" for better organizing equipment schedule shared properties by type or instance...

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we are currently working on a plugin that - among other things - does exactly that. Our tool lets you group your parameters in your own categories (while retaining the "old" structure) so you can define one group that your modelers have to care about while ignoring the other properties. If you are interested in participating as an early adaptor just let me know.




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