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E-Transmit - Add Shared Parameters and Material Images

E-Transmit - Add Shared Parameters and Material Images



E-Transmit is meant to take a whole project snapshot model at a point in time. It's meant for "perfect" backups and project transmittal.


Right now we are missing the opportunity to go back in time with a project that used e-transmit since it is missing the fickle "Shared Parameters" file and the projects material images.


There are fears that employees will mess up the SharedParameter file or move or delete it. So backing up up is safer. Also, opening a old archive project without a SharedParameter file will not a result in a fully workable project!


The same thing can be said about a project that is missing it's image material maps. If I open it from another office, all of the custom materials will be missing and I won't be able to render it properly. All the presentation views will be wrong.


Without these two elements, the e-transmit is an incomplete archival tool that puts people into a false sense of security. Please add these simple features for a fully functional BIM backup tool.


There's seriously no comment from AutoDesk on this yet?! I've been fighting with trying to bind custom materials into models to share with my Interiors teams for years. How have you not figured this out yet?


When I try to E transmit I get a message "all models need to be closed"

How do you use the command with all models closed?


@bmdhmh  With all models closed if you don't have the File tab showing click the Home button (upper left corner) or Ctrl+D to flip between the home screen and the tabs.  Then on on the Add-Ins tab you'll find the Transmit a model tool.  In the tool you'll select the model(s) and all other options.  


eTransmit could seriously use this update.  To my understanding you don't need the shared parameter file for those parameters to function correctly in the model unless you are wanting to add those same parameters to other families or models.  You can add the shared parameters file via the add files button.  But it would be nice to have that as a checkmark box item.  More simple for the end user. 


The biggest item on this idea in my mind is that of the material images!  That would be great if they created a folder within the output and put all the image files in there and re-pathed those images in the project to that relative path!  

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