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Dynamo Player Edit Input

Dynamo Player Edit Input

Have you noticed the play button in Dyno Player is twice the size of the edit input button?


We have created multiple graphs which require a user to edit inputs. The inputs allow a user to set filters and select categories prior to running the graph.

Unfortunately some users are tempted to press play without editing inputs. 

This seems to be due to the size of the play button.. graphical hierarchy says the play button is most important. This is definately not the case!  


I would love to see the edit input button grow in size to equal the play button. Such a minor graphic adjustment will have a big influence on how users use the Player.




Alternatively, when clicking the play button, maybe Dynamo Player should just switch automatically to the edit inputs screen if the script has inputs?


Not only should the "Edit Input" button be larger, but it should also be the first (left-most) icon.

You need to FIRST edit the input, and THEN run the graph.

Left to right order of execution

Then again, the more I think about it, the more I like joslindave's suggestion.

Why even HAVE two buttons?

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