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Dry Stack Retaining Walls

Dry Stack Retaining Walls

We need an addition to the Wall tool to allow the modelling of Dry Stack Walls.

How are users currently modelling up these?  I have two option workflows which I use which I have found to be the best solution to draw up these type of walls, and find that it becomes too much of an effort to manage and set up and I end up with, for example, too many wall types.


With the introduction of the long awaited slanted walls option in Revit 2021, this could help in creating these types of walls to a point, however there is nothing really dedicated to take on this wall type.


A "Dry Stack Wall" option, as part of the Walls tool should be added.

There must be functionalities to create the multi layered block stacks, profiles/block family type if possible, offsets, slants, etc. without making this too "heavy" when modelled.


These would need to also have Sub-Category controls such as its own sub-category under Walls, with line weight controls etc. (see my ideas posts on this


Examples of this type of wall:

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