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Document dynamo nodes

Document dynamo nodes

obviously we can group nodes and name them, put notes.
but to properly document each graph and understand what node is used, in which version,it would be appreciable to add a text like the picture below to tell from the start where from, what, which version.

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Good idea but off topic. This forum is for Revit Ideas only. Perhaps we need a separate forum for Dynamo Ideas.



dynamo being integrated in Revit, is it really offtopic?

and there is no Idea box in the dynamo forums...

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I know that I sound very militant about this but my answer is yes. I understand your concern and I think that documenting anything is always a good idea but Dynamo is Dynamo and Revit is Revit. They are two completely different products and I wouldn't want the Revit dev team to spend any time on documenting another product. That jobs belongs to Dynamo devs.


Just because we can access something within Revit doesn't make it Revit. There are plenty of complex add-ins that are well integrated into Revit but you wouldn't ask for them do be better documented on this forum because they're a separate product.


All the best!

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