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Display Revit version in Windows Explorer

Display Revit version in Windows Explorer

When you are in the open command, you can see the version of a file in the dialog. But it would be nice if this information could appear in Windows Explorer. I often group my Windows Explorer windows by type or date. It would great to group a folder full of Revit files by version.

I know there are, and I have, some third party tools that do similar things, I would just love if it was native. Doable? 


Hi All,


I think that having the Revit version number shown by default within the file type or the file extension for example will save us so much hassle in suggesting which version is this file for when receiving rvt files from a third party. 

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Add Revit version (year) to information provided when you hover your mouse over a Revit file.  Guessing which version to use when opening a file is annoying, and a major time waster.

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That feature is already included on the 2019 Open screen


@dplumb_BWBR That doesn't help when you don't have Revit running yet. If you want to know which version to open, use Revit Properties in CTC's free BIM Project Suite. It adds a right-click menu option to Windows Explorer to show the version of the file as well as some other useful info (and even a button to open the applicable Revit version). You can install Revit Properties separately from the rest of the add-ins, but I find their other free add-ins useful (just change the settings to collapse premium and expand free by default). Yet another example of Autodesk letting someone else fix their problems - at least this one's free. Too bad the version can't just be part of the regular Windows file properties.


I have written a small utility that I use to open RVT files in the correct Revit version.
Let me know if you want to try it, I'll email you the files.

See Video.


To do this the Revit version in which a project has been edited would have to be stored in the .rvt file, this could easily be done, the more important question then is which file property to use so that the file explorer can show the Revit version.


or just create different file extensions for each version since they are completely incompatible anyway. For example .rvt22, .rvt23, etc.


It would be great if Adsk could update their extensions to reflect this.






This would ID the file and application, but also it would only open the correct app version when double clicked. I'm not sure this would be necessary for .rfa files.


I started doing this in Central Florida area few years ago with small firms, and it picked up like wild fire. Now just want to share it with the World for their use.


Some firms serve many clients, and these clients use of Revit version varies , example Revit 2019, Revit 2020, Revit 2021 and so on.


When opening files in preview it is not a friendly enough to indicate what version it is. 


Solution and procedure I started doing is for my model within the project name I place R and the version year, example Temple Run R21 


Also do this for my project folder name. I also add it to our own internal client archive/receivables folder name.


This way it cuts down on figuring out moving forward what version it is.


Our clients caught on to that and assimilated. Good luck. 



Why not have the same functionality as Inventor with a simple right click in Windows Explorer.
- Version
- Purge old versions

All this without the need to open the product


option menu windows explorer.jpgFiles Propertie.jpg




This tool by Matteo Cominetti is helpful. Still identified Revit 2024 files correctly.


Very often, users receive an .rvt format file for work and starting opening it one by one with all versions of Revit because they have no information in which version of Revit was saved it.
It would be very better to do the following:
1. In the Windows directory, in the properties of the file, it is necessary to contain information about the version of the program.
2. When opening files, the program must be the notification be with a reference to a specific version of Revit.Add Revit version information to the file.

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Not bad idea 👍 


Try googling ReVeChe which is helpful while waiting for votes to amount to something and hope for the best.


If you are using Revit 2019 or newer, when you select a Revit project or family you will see the version year under the preview window.



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