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Display or Hide Zero Values in Schedules and Tags

Display or Hide Zero Values in Schedules and Tags

what we need in Revit is the ability to toggle on or off Zero Values in a schedule and also have tags not report Zero values.  I should expand that this is an issue with number and integer parameters. I still want to count the column in the schedule but do not want the 0 to display. Sure we could set the parameter to text but text does not have calculated totals ability. 


here is the feature in excel, something similar with a checkbox in the schedule properties and when creating tags I would also like the tag to not report the 0 so would need a check within the tag family.




I made a tag that reports qty and variant of connectors for a panel family at several locations:

e.g., "AUDIO: 4 X XLRM, 2 X XLRF;

         VIDEO:  2 x BNC, 2 X HDMI"

The problem is that a zero value triggers the empty integer parameter to appear while the text that follows does not (as one expects).

For example, if there aren't any XLRF, then we see

"AUDIO: 4 X XLRM, 0 X VIDEO:  2 x BNC, 2 X HDMI"

all in a line because XLRF and its line break don't occur.


My workaround is to fill in dummy connectors reported as zero quantity.


A way to handle this might be a tick box per line (everything before a break) thats suppress the line if a zero value (integer or number) occurs.


I hope they make this one day


For schedules, enabling the same "Field Format" dialog that we can get on the Formatting tab for other parameter types would help a lot.  We can suppress 0 values for lengths, we should be able to do the same for areas & quantities.  There are also occasions where the rounding or digit grouping of those parameter types is desired, so all the "Field Format" functions would be useful.  


It is very hard to isolate the few rows with a value if the rest of the rows all have "0".  Area, Number and integer fields currently show as blank when no value has been entered, but the user can't return the value to null when a number is removed, and when calculating totals 0 will be shown for null fields.  This is not desirable.

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