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Direct Shape - Cut area is grey

Direct Shape - Cut area is grey

The cut area of a Direct Shape is always grey, even if you use the category Generic Model. I should  look the same as a Generic family.



This makes a mess in exports too.
Really important to get it fixed soon.



How is the cut color determined?  In the example above, the faces are all blue.  What if they were blue and red?


So I just tried this in an internal version - exported a wall via SAT, imported CAD as a generic model, created a section box, applied the Copper material to the cut material for the Generic Models category, and the Copper material was there (after I changed it to green...)  Am I missing a step?


@angel_velez  Yes, you can override the cut material and it works even for Direct Shape. But then all Generic Models will get the same cut material and I don’t want that.


As a Category that is "IsCuttable" as a Generic Model, it should get the cut colour as same as the material that is applied to the Direct Shape.




OK, so if the DirectShape has all one material, then we should assume that the cut should be the same material (although, in practice, it wouldn't have to be - it could be blue on the outside and red on the inside).  If it has multiple materials, then what happens?  Is it gray or some other heuristic?


@angel_velez The Direct Shape is a solid. And the Solid have Faces that can have different material. But this object has all the same material.  I don’t see how a solid can have colors on the inside

When I looked at each face on the direct shape with ‘Revit Lookup’ add in. I see that the cut face gets MaterialElementId = null.


When I do the same with a Family that is a Generic Model the cut face gets the same material that is applied.

Even did the same thing with a Family for a non cuttatble category, Furniture, the MaterialElementId = null.


The wall in the picture is made the same way you did trough export a SAT-file.

1_2023-01-05 11-11-33.png

2_2023-01-05 11-16-56.png

3_2023-01-05 11-22-59.png



Geometry in Revit is a shell.  The faces of the geometry have materials applied to them.  A DirectShape does not have a material associated with it that is independent of the material of the faces of the geometry - there is no API to set that.  So if logically if you wanted a DirectShape to represent a piece of wood painted red, then the DirectShape should show red faces unless you cut it, in which case you would see the wood.  But there is nowhere in Revit that you can set that the DirectShape is wood material.


Are you saying that it would be sufficient for any DirectShape to have one material assigned to it which would be the material that is used if the DirectShape is cut?


@angel_velez   Yes, it would be great to be able to assign a cut material for DirectShape.

Thank you.

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Adding to the issue presented by @jolr, this issue directly affects our Revit plugin ( that is used globally with 150+ users and adoption is growing rapidly. Immediate consideration from Autodesk is greatly appreciated.

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