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Custom Parameter for Sorting of Browser Organization Properties

Custom Parameter for Sorting of Browser Organization Properties

The ability to sort views etc... by a custom property like "View Order" whereby the user can input a number to order the view, so that it is above another duplicated view.


You can do this....create a Project Parameter and assign it to Views.  Sort by the parameter.


I used to create one for initials and put MP on all the views I planned on working for the day and filter out everything except for the views with MP.


Are you maybe confusing it with the  "Group By" option. You can use custom parameters there. As you will see in my screen shot the second "group by" is a custom parameter called "View Function". You can see a circled area right at the bottom "Sort By". This is the pull down I am referring to. I have even checked on Autodesk help and they even say custom parameters are not available.


My current work around is to assign a code in front of the view title to order views





Link for help: Browser Organization Properties Dialog: Grouping and Sorting Tab




I AGREE! Especially in a job with Design Options! How is there NOT a Browser Organization setting already to sort related to Design Options shown in Views AND on Sheets?! 🙂

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