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Control Ambient Light Intensity in Hidden Line Visual Style

Control Ambient Light Intensity in Hidden Line Visual Style

Currently, the Ambient Light slider does not affect the intensity of ambient shadows for Hidden Line visual style. Ambient Shadows are great to add depth to simple interior views, but they end up being way too dark.


Can you please make the Ambient Light slider work for Ambient Shadows in Hidden Line visual style?




@SeanMTA you might be interested in this idea as well:

It talks about being able to control the shading effect in the realistic view (or being able to turn shading off completely in realistic). It would allow us to make shaded views or even views with textures that less dark without overexposing the colors or textures.


@pieter5 hi, the question from @SeanMTA is ambient lighting adjustment in HIDDEN LINE mode, not sure if there is a way to do it


No right now there's no way to do what @SeanMTA  requests, hence the Revit Idea. I agree that a slider that controls the 'intensity' of the ambient effect would be very helpful. Right now, the effect is so strong, I rarely use it.


The other idea I dropped here in the comments is talking about the shading effect in the shaded view. So two different things, but there origins are similar: these 'effects' in Revit are often dialed up way too high and there's no way to turn them down. Things like this shouldn't be hardcoded in. 

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