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Consistent Visual Graphics Pop-out Window

Consistent Visual Graphics Pop-out Window

I hate to keep going back to CAD....I would like the option to have a consistent visual graphics window open, much like in AutoCAD you are able to have the layers window open.

Say what you want about view templates and they have their place, but to quickly (even quicker) turn on/ off walls/ ducts/ point clouds by already having the window open is just that much smoother.


sounds like my idea: Able to still select elements when Visibility/Graphic Overrides Window Open 


If feel the same ask @kimberly.fuhrman to combine.


also see a related similar idea here: Allow Material Browser to be opened while working on Revit. 


Well, I guess we're lucky - there was a time that even the Properties Panel didn't float - like you had to click the Properties button every time you wanted to change something of the selected element....

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