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Allow Material Browser to be opened while working on Revit.

Allow Material Browser to be opened while working on Revit.

The idea is to allow the material browser to be opened while working on projects on Revit. The Material Browser window usually takes a while to open, specially if the project has lots of materials and geometry. It would be huge if we could mantain the windows opened, making it kind of a toolbar for users. 


Or just make the material editor open up way faster????

I would like the ability to open the material browser and then leave it open until I choose to close it. When applying materials to elements, you often are doing more than one material or element at a time and opening the material browser is so slow and painful, I would prefer to be able to select the material, apply it, then move to the next parameter or element and continue selecting and applying materials without the dialog box closing each time. This would save a significant amount of time and frustration.

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