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Compound Structures: Material Priority instead of Layer Priority

Compound Structures: Material Priority instead of Layer Priority

It would make much more sense having Archicad-like priority system for compound structures.

5 levels of priority is not enough in most situations, and it is even misunderstood by newbees (labels like 1-Structure which may not be what i want in a particular moment)

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I wish! What a clever boy!


This is a more sensible approach. Revit's layer system is often not sufficient to work with many wall types, such as common scenarios where you need several layers of a structure or substrates with air gaps between; Also, the joining of system families at intersections is a roll of the dice, and often even the wall join order tool doesn't help.

Archicad's system is far more logical, though it would be a huge change to existing projects if it was adopted.


@giancarlo.web  Good idea !

This would make accurate modeling so much easier !
Wanted to write a idea post about it myself after having worked with Archicad for years in college the transition to 5 priortiy parameters instead of 999 was hard.
(always use the search function people instead of posting duplicate idea's! )

Also i think they could re use some of the existing code from the priority function that is used in the component settings at the moment (finish, structure, substrate,...)

Also connected to this idea it would be nice to have the option to choose to always auto join, instead of always having to use the join geometry tool:


Have a nice weekend all !

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