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Combine Walls / Ceilings / Floors

Combine Walls / Ceilings / Floors


Please provide a 'Combine' function for System Families. Over the course of a few Tenant Improvements and Renovations a wall can be made up of 4 or 5 segments. It's easy to Split the wall, but difficult to combine them.

Same for Ceilings, Floors, and Roofs with Demo/Existing/New all overlapping in space. A roof or floor can be made of numerous inlaid geometries.


Ultimately this has its origin in a larger issue of simplifying a model after a few projects.


Thank you for your consideration.

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I agree. This is also a problem when doing energy analysis on the building. A Floor might consist of more layers, and only the first layer is touching the room bounding box. So wenn you export the room as a gbXML-file, there is no information about the other Floor layers. If the floor was always made as a compound floor it would work, but due to the many limitations of compound Floor/Walls (Joins etc.), and the fact that it takes really long to model with compound systems, because each deviation (Like 1 cm more insulation) needs a new compound family. A model would have thoundsands of Compound families because of small deviations, which are important to the construction workers building the Floors and walls. Creating and selecting these thoundsands of compound floors/walls/roofs would slow down the workspeed. So please a function to combine these into compound families automatically or make it possible to view all the layers in the gbXML-file and have them show up as Second and third bounding box layer with information about which layers are behind each other.

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