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Column Location Mark reporting "actual" center of column for scheduling

Column Location Mark reporting "actual" center of column for scheduling

Currently if you have any column that's center is not on the grid but is still touching the grid, the Column Location Mark does not show that it is off centered.

In the picture below this column should read E21 (0'-7 3/4")-EE, however since the edge is touching GL E21 it will not show that it's off at all.



It would be extremely beneficial to reduce human errors in needing to create Dimension plans for the sole purpose of locating columns vs if the Column Location Mark would report the correct location.


With this, the location mark should likely be based off the of the Project Units for tolerances, i.e. 1/8", 1/4", and so on.



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Definitely a bust in how the schedule populates...column location needs to be based on column centerline so if a column is offset any distance from the gridline, it populates correctly in the schedule as you mention


I would prefer the tolerance to be set separately from the Project Units - in the schedule AND as a separate field in Project Units. The linear setting should ALWAYS be set to the smallest value possible (1/256", 0.000001mm-ish) so that you see when people aren't modeling to scale, and rounding should only be used in special dimension styles for display (w/ a manual "±") for buildings with non-orthogonal angles, etc.


We usually do manual naming for stuff like this anyway - Revit just doesn't allow enough control over the result programmatically (can't customize).


@lionel.kai  I'd love if it had it's own tolerance setting just like we can adjust dimension's tolerance separately. The option to show 1/256 should be an option but for what I'm thinking is scheduling purposes. No contractor is going to set anything within probably 1/4" and even if they do, what happens in the field will likely be to 1/2" accuracy. 


But either way I'd be happy to have that as a setting.


While at it, offer that functionality to all entities. I see no reason why this is not available in architectural columns, rooms, walls, furniture, generic items or beams.

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